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When it comes to protecting yourself and loved ones, Jiu Jitsu is equally effective for both men and women. In this day and age, people must stay alert and be prepared to defend themselves at a moment's notice. The good news is that RIO Jiu Jitsu has a special Self-Defense program for women only.

Although women may not typically be able to match men physically, those who know how to utilize effective fighting techniques that rely on leverage and proper body mechanics, as opposed to brute force, will be able to overcome larger and stronger individuals.

While many personal protection devices such as pepper spray, stun guns and so on are available, the best way to cope with life's threats is to develop a killer instinct, grace under pressure and confidence that people notice. The most important self-defense technique is recognizing danger and avoiding it. It is also critical to appear alert, healthy and confident, to avoid appearing vulnerable. Training at RIO Jiu Jitsu Academy instills true and well-deserved confidence in those eager to learn. Take control of your self-confidence and learn to unlock the power of your body and mind at RIO Jiu Jitsu Academy.

Why Our Program Works For Women

We teach realistic martial arts training appropriate for any gender but tailored specifically for women. What we do not teach is nonsense or self-delusion. Our program is designed to use intellect coupled with proper body mechanics and knowledge of the human body to control dangerous situations and survive.

We are also aware that safety is critical to sound training and have equipped the gym with all of the best safety features.

Women will learn techniques that are both simple to learn, devastatingly effective and specifically designed for women.

Our program focuses on developing muscle memory so that the skills you practice in class will become second nature (i.e. they will happen automatically if you are ever required to protect yourself). We give you the tools to successfully cope with attacks anytime, anywhere without hesitation.

That's not all! Women learn much more than self-defense when they join our program. Our female members are better equipped to face all challenges of life, tackle every kind of difficult situation and enjoy a better life generally.


Besides learning Self Defense Techniques... we assure that you will:

  • Burn Excess Fat.
  • Develop Enhanced Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, and Muscle Tone.
  • Develop Self-Discipline.
  • Develop Self-Respect and Confidence.
  • Develop Killer Instinct.
  • Learn to Identify Potential Danger Before It's Too Late.\

We invite you to find out more about our incredible Women's Self-Defense Program by completing the brief, no-obligation from right here on the top of this page. When you do, we will send you everything you need to secure your place and take advantage of this opportunity. Spots are filling up, so please do not hesitate. Get started by completing the contact form today.

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